DDM Favorite- Memo’s Taco Mex in Highland

A couple of week’s ago, I posted my Top 5 favorite Mexican restaurants in the area (http://dinnerdrinksandamovie.com/2012/04/03/ddm-favorites-mexican-restaurants/) and I received some comments from readers about some of their favorites. With a shout out to Jeanette, she told me about Memo’s on 45th Street in Highland. And to be honest, that was the first I had ever heard of the place. But, after two visits within the last week, judging by the number of dine-in patrons and the phone ringing off the hook with carry out orders, clearly I must have been the last person to have heard about this great place to eat.

Soft Steak Taco (L) & Mahimahi Taco (R)

During my two visits, I have sampled four of Memo’s different tacos, each one better than the next. I enjoyed the soft steak taco, as well as the Chile Relleno Taco, which is huge. But my two favorites so far have been the Campechano taco (two of the things I love in Mexican food are steak and chorizo…this bad boy has both!) and the weekly Friday special, the Mahimahi taco, which is served with cabbage and delicious salsa.  They are served with wedges of lime (even carry out) and the various types of salsa are fresh and bring different degrees of heat.

Memo’s Taco Mex is located at 2128 45th Street (in Porte De Leau Plaza), Highland, Indiana 46322/ 219-934-7300. There is seating available to dine in, or you can order to go. They have wide menu selection including dinner entrees, lunch specials and a breakfast menu. In other words, I have more visits and good eating ahead!

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